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What I would wear Wednesday.


Nail polish edition!

I love nail polish, that being said, rarely do i have the time to actually do them!

Here are my favourite nail polish ideas!

Source: graciegirlalwaysinpearls.tumblr.com via Kaitlin on Pinterest

I love that only one nail is completely sparkly.

Source: thebeautydepartment.com via Kaitlin on Pinterest

I love the nautical style of this one, but wish that they would have painted the lines, instead of just using tape.

Source: richesforrags.tumblr.com via Kaitlin on Pinterest

I think this is just too fun!

Source: wah-nails.com via Angela on Pinterest

A simple colourful french mani.

Source: slightlyaddicting.tumblr.com via Natty on Pinterest

A different twist on doing your nails!

What is your favourite way to paint your nails?


What I would wear Wednesday…



I love to sew, unfortunately I haven’t had time, or patience to sew for myself.

Source: onlythesmall.blogspot.com.au via Genevieve on Pinterest

I love this skirt, I did try making it with jersey fabric tonight, but it just wasn’t working for me (the lack of sleep probably wasn’t helping). Tomorrow, I think I will try and make it with some thicker fabric.

Source: tumblr.com via Kaitlin on Pinterest

I love the colour, the style, everything about this shirt (or is it a dress? Either way, I want to make one like it!)

Source: live-breathe-fashion.tumblr.com via Kaitlin on Pinterest

I don’t know what it is about bows lately, but I am becoming obsessed with them. I love this dress.

Source: polyvore.com via Kaitlin on Pinterest

Something a little more casual. I have about 35894598435 meters of jersey knit fabric I could use…

Source: artwithashley.blogspot.com via Kaitlin on Pinterest

You had me a the ruffles and the buttons.

Source: quailshop.com via Kaitlin on Pinterest


Source: etsy.com via Kaitlin on Pinterest

Because maybe this will help me sleep at night?

I can’t wait to show off the things I make!

Off the top of my head.


My mother in law got me this mug, it’s not the biggest mug, and it isn’t the prettiest china. But it is by far my favourite mug.


I think I need to change my sleeping habits, I have never been a morning person.

I like sleep. My babies like sleep.

Because of Rich’s work schedule, late evening/night time is the only time we have together.

That being said, it is impossible to exercise during the day while everyone is home, and since in the evening I like to relax (get Tupperware orders ready, sew, tweet, blog) I’ve decided that mornings are going to be exercise times.

Just not stupid early.


My favourite Follow Me on Pinterest items!

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I have started to quit pumping. I’ve gone from pumping 6+ times a day, to pumping one time a day. Soon it will be every other day, then soon it will be further and further apart.
I am hoping that by Arlo’s surgery I will be completely done pumping.

I am completely OBSESSED with Castle. Definitely one of my top 5 favourite shows.



Newest obsession!


(I wrote this earlier, and for some reason instead of posting it as a post, it posted it as a page. weird)

Since I have the “pleasure” of pumping 6-7times a day, for 25 minutes at a time…I have a lot of time on my hands…Instead of doing something useful or smart (I could probably finish reading one of those books that I have started) I have been “pinning” and drooling over outfits…I blame it on my friend, she invited me to Pinterest and now I can’t stop.

It’s amazing, anything that I want to remember for later, I just “pin” onto a “board” and voila it’s saved. Brilliant I tell you. Brilliant.

My (current) top 5 favourite pins.

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