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Teag, the artist.


While making supper, I found Teag colouring.

On the wall.

With chalk.

And one of Arlo, sleeping with his Wubbanub.

I decided that since it was only chalk, I would let him colour.

It does wipe off after all.

It was a moment of “let him be a child, let him discover”.

I’m glad I did.

The look on his face was priceless.

Full of joy and pride over the art that he had created.

My baby, so grown up.





What I would wear Wednesday…



I love to sew, unfortunately I haven’t had time, or patience to sew for myself.

Source: onlythesmall.blogspot.com.au via Genevieve on Pinterest

I love this skirt, I did try making it with jersey fabric tonight, but it just wasn’t working for me (the lack of sleep probably wasn’t helping). Tomorrow, I think I will try and make it with some thicker fabric.

Source: tumblr.com via Kaitlin on Pinterest

I love the colour, the style, everything about this shirt (or is it a dress? Either way, I want to make one like it!)

Source: live-breathe-fashion.tumblr.com via Kaitlin on Pinterest

I don’t know what it is about bows lately, but I am becoming obsessed with them. I love this dress.

Source: polyvore.com via Kaitlin on Pinterest

Something a little more casual. I have about 35894598435 meters of jersey knit fabric I could use…

Source: artwithashley.blogspot.com via Kaitlin on Pinterest

You had me a the ruffles and the buttons.

Source: quailshop.com via Kaitlin on Pinterest


Source: etsy.com via Kaitlin on Pinterest

Because maybe this will help me sleep at night?

I can’t wait to show off the things I make!

Post Surgery.


While we were in the hospital I decided to write down what I was feeling at the time, so that I could remember it forever.

Here is what I wrote.

Jan 12, 2012

Today is Arlo’s surgery


We came into the city last night, stayed at a hotel instead of getting up at the butt crack of dawn.

We woke up at 5:30

I hate mornings.

Especially today.


We got to Children’s at 6.

      Registered. Got coffee and waited.

We  went to day surgery.

     Arlo screamed. He was so hungry. He hadn’t eaten since 11:30 last night

I made the decision to quit pumping. It was a hard agonizing decision. 

I am in the process of weaning. It’s so much harder to wean from pumping,

than it is to wean from nursing.

At 7:50 I handed Ari over to the surgeons nurse. He was sleeping. I kissed him and told him that I loved him.

Rich kissed him goodbye.

Then the nurse and my baby walked away.

I held in my tears. I knew that once I started, it would be hard to stop.

I would cry.

At 11:30 the surgeon came and talked to us.

He told us that Arlo had done splendid. That it had been an easy fix.

Now all we had to do was wait for Arlo to wake up.

We waited. And waited. And waited.

At 12:30 I went and asked the nurse what was going on.

She said we could go back to day surgery, and see what was going on.

We got there, and the unit clerk said they forgot to call us.


He was upstairs in recovery and we could go up and see him.


He was so groggy.

High from the morphine.

Rich held him first.

Then it was my turn.

He didn’t look like himself.

Swollen and stitched up.


We stayed in the hospital till Sunday.

It was a relief to go home.

Night time was hell.

The hospital didn’t send morphine home with us, mainly because he was doing so well at the hospital.

Tylenol and Advil didn’t seem to cut it.

Day time was better.

He didn’t like being put down, and he didn’t want to be with anyone but me.

On Wednesday we had our post op appointment, the surgeon cut the stiches (that were holding the gauze in) and gave him his nose stent.

We found out that we don’t have to go in till March 7th! I did a happy dance.

//wednesday cuddles//waiting to be called//first look post op//a great friend came and kept us calm//so sweet//cuddles with daddy\\

In the past few days Arlo has pretty much returned to normal. He is sleeping better, he is eating better and he has started to laugh and “talk” again.

I am so thankful for everyone that has been with us on this journey, be it praying, a quick note or a hug.


Our day.


//Breakfast //Teag feeding himself // cuddles with mommy // Teag angry because he didn’t want a nap // the perfect little lips // silly Teags // happy Arlo // chubby fingers // frosty walk // i love my chariot // Teag feeding himself // playing before bathtime // potty time // feeding time with Arlo //



What does your day look like?

New year.


Every year I make these huge amazing resolutions. To get in shape, be happy and healthy, be a better wife and mother. To conquer the world.

This year, they are much the same.

Yet I am also making a “things I want to do” list. The no pressure, do it if you can, don’t worry if you can’t.

  • run a race, like a 5k or 10k.
  • go completely gluten-free
  • learn something new. I would love to learn how to design/program websites.
  • learn how to cook something new every week.
  • read my bible daily. something I sadly rarely do.
  • laugh more.
  • live in the moment, and not on my iphone.
  • take more pictures.
  • journal more.
  • ROAD TRIP with my family.

Let’s see how long it will take me to complete my list!

Until then, pictures for your viewing pleasure!


  • New washer
  • millennium falcon
  • killer bunnies
  • Uncle Joey
  • Pina coladas
  • Gigi visiting


Bring it on  2012!!

20 months old.


My baby, my first born, is 20 months old today.

Teagans’ favourite things.

Daddy. Mama. Ari. Bumbpa & Grandma. Woo-woos. Swimming. Cake. Teeth brushing. Veggie-tales. Meows. Pianos. Firetrucks. Ambulances. the Farm. Uncles & Aunt(s). “Bell”. Rawr-Rawr. Warm-Kitty. Mama’s pillow. balls. cars. outdoors. boots. hats. peanut butter. pancakes.

Teagan hates.

Healthy food. socks. getting out of the pool. saying bye to Daddy or Bumbpa. Ari crying. mixed food.

(the first time I held Teag, 2 hours after he was born)

Teagan, you are my little love.

My handsome little prince, my warrior, my energetic little monster.

You are fearless and strong.

I am so proud of all that you accomplish, you are not one to shy away from a challenge.

You are kind and loving.

I love watching you play with your babies (your brother and your doll), oh how you love your brother.

You are smart and creative.

I am so amazed by how much you talk and how OCD you are about your cars having to line up exactly.the.same.way.

You are always happy.

You are always singing and jabbering away at Daddy, Ari and I.

You are a daddy’s boy.

You get so excited when Daddy comes home from work, often asking me 3984398475 times a day if Daddy was still at work. You say “Daddy, woh?” meaning “Daddy, work?”

I love you my darling baby boy. I am so proud and honoured to be your mama.

Love mama.