+I love to craft, well mainly just sew and knit, and I thought I would make a list of all the projects I want to complete in the near future.

Kind of like a bucket list, but for crafts.

Hooded snuggle sack 

sweet baby slippers

newborn bodysuit (aka jammies)

sun jar

beginners baby blanket #3

new and improved swaddle blanket

simple snuggly blanket

eat play sleep repeat (except I think I would do it with Bubsie name, bday and weight)

Little seedling soaker

very chunky diaper cover

flo the elephant

bow headband

xavi waistcoat



little gentlemans faux vest onesie

carseat tent (I modified it, made a “door” and put elastic around the back. so far, I love it)

shar’s newborn fitted nappy

darling diapers

tutu mafia free diaper pattern

little man shoes

pleated mary janes

–  baby shoes

turn about the room dress


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