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Usual program will resume shortly


I had a big huge post planned for today. But alas that will not happen as Rich left the laptop at work.

I will leave you with happy news, we have been given the gift of biweekly appointments instead of weekly!! So excited!!

Tomorrow I will do my “what I wore Wednesday” post!


It could be…


It could be so much worse.

I have pity parties.

I whine, I moan, I complain.

I whine because I hate pumping.

I moan when I see dirty dishes (yet I hate washing them).

I complain when things don’t go my way.

And yet, it could be so much worse.

Every week we take the hour and three quarter drive to the Children’s Hospital.

We rush to get there, and then we wait. And wait, and wait.

But it could be so much worse.

I get sad, when asked why I’m not nursing my baby.

I feel guilt when I get angry at my pump, even though I am blessed because 1) I can pump and 2) I have the pump for free, and can keep it as long as I want.

I know it could be so much worse.

There are times, when I am explaining to others about Arlo’s condition were they get this look of pity.

Yet, I know it could be so much worse.

He could have Pierre Robin syndrome, he could be completely deaf*, he could have various other medical issues, and yet he doesn’t.

It could be so much worse.

I praise Him for giving me my perfect baby boy. I praise Him for giving me an amazing medical team. Most of all, I praise Him for giving me this sense of peace.

This song is my favourite hymn.

Praise God,

 from Whom all blessings flow;

Praise Him, all creatures here below;

Praise Him above, ye Heavenly Host;

Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.


* at this point Arlo can’t hear, due to fluid in his ears. We are praying that with the help of ear tubes he will be able to hear.

what I would wear wednesdays episode2


If I was going to the ball.
(and someone else was paying)

elegant and classy
pop of teal

pop of teal by mamak featuring long ball gowns

And how I (and by I, I mean my hair dresser) would do my hair!

Source: via Nack Photography on Pinterest

Source: via Nack Photography on Pinterest

What would you wear to a ball?

my pre-new years, new year resolution


I am probably the most unorganized person you will ever meet.

Hands down, I am terrible at it.

Procrastinator, I am. Last minute deadline, I cut it close.

This year, I am going to try something different. This year I am going to make a “family binder”

They are all over pinterest oh how I love thee pinterest and quite frankly they are a brilliant idea.

I started making one a few weeks ago (when I started meal planning) and have since decided I need to change how I have organized mine.

My “family binder” has:

  • weekly menu (obviously)
  • master to-do list
  • monthly calendar
  • cleaning checklist
  • weekly planner
  • daily checklist

Since I pretty much take it with me everywhere, I have realized that there are a few more categories that I need.

  • weekly grocery budget list
  • freezer inventory list
  • pantry inventory list
  • grocery shopping list

all found here

  • monthly budget
  • blog planner (I’m liking this one)


I think that I need to change the way the I organized my binder.

Instead of having them divided into like categories, I’m going to divide them by months.

For instance, December will have

  • monthly calender
  • 4 weekly menu planners
  • 1 cleaning checklist
  • 1 daily checklists
  • 1 weekly grocery budget list
  • 1 freezer inventory list (I will include one in each monthly section)
  • 1 pantry inventory list
  • 1 blog planner.

I’m hoping that with having everything all organized I will be able to become organized.

 How do you organized your life?



A lazy day.


This week I have been completely lazy.

I’m in three day old hair, and wearing the same sweatpants that I’ve been wearing since Thursday.

gross. i know.

but I’ve been busy.

busy playing.

busy reading (to little T)

busy making AMAZING buns.

busy pinning like a crazy person. (usually only when pumping)

This week has been what I’ve needed.

A slow down.

Time to sit back and enjoy my crazy little life.

Time to enjoy my boys while they’re still young.

10 reasons…


…why I love being a mom to boys

1. they laugh when you/them/anyone “toots”

2. burping is funny

3. they take great pride in peeing standing up

4. trains are the most amazing thing ever.

5. dirt is just more fun.

6. they are mama’s boys.

7. their clothing doesn’t have to match

8. they like to pick their noses.

9. snuggling means so much more, mainly because they will only snuggle when they want too.

10. all you have to do is hum the “thomas” theme song and they are suddenly happy.

*i love being a mama to boys*

**I’m linking up to Tairalyn**