When Tairalyn (over at Little Miss Mama) put the call out for mamas to join her in a weight loss journey I jumped at the chance.

We decided that every friday we would share our weight and measurements (hips and waist, we figured bust wouldn’t work as we are both nursing/pumping mamas) and goals for the coming week.

We hope that you will join us in our journeys as we work to become healthier.



I’m where I am today because Food and I have a love hate relationship. I love it and it hates me – it’s really that simple. I have never been the skinny one, but its always been a dream of mine. Always on diets but never gone as far as the many claimed miracle pill. With some success over the years, I never actually made the life change and therefore a temporary diet, was a mere temporary weight loss.

Window Shopping has always been my favorite form of walking and Designer Warehouse Sales is my top choice for type of running. Okay… So maybe this is more the reason behind why I’m here today. But either which way, I am entering the Battle today with one main reason. My daughter. Only 15 days old, and worry free – I wan’t her to be this way for the rest of her life. I want to be my happiest and healthiest so that Sofia can follow in the footsteps of her Mama. Follow me on my journey at Little Miss Mama or better yet JOIN IN.


(and here is what I wrote for Tairalyn’s blog!)

Hi there, I’m Kait, wife to my HotBabyDaddy and mama to two amazing boys (Little T is 17months and Baby A is 15days old (Sept 13, 2011)!)! They (the boys) are the reason I am here…well technically I’m the reason I’m here. I’m here because I need to get in shape, I need to do it for my boys. For my husband. But mainly I need to do it for myself. All my life I’ve always been blessed with being thin, that is until I lost all self control and gained 65lbs while pregnant with Little T. To make matters (and my self esteem) worse I never lost all of the pregnancy weight before I got pregnant again. Thankfully this time I only gained 24lbs (mainly due to craving fruits instead of cheese cake!). My goal isn’t to become a certain size, it’s to be healthy, happy and confidiant in my body


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