I was one point off.


After I had Teag we had our well baby appointment with our nurse.
They make you do a quiz, I think it had 10 questions. maybe more.
Trying to see if you have postpartum depression.
I lied.
I answered the way I thought they wanted me to answer.

Everything is fine.
Life is great.
I’m adjusting well.

There was so much going on in our lives.

Having family live with us.

Having a baby.

The nurse checked the quiz.

I was one point off from having postpartum depression.

I laughed it off.

Silly quiz.

There is no way that I was depressed.

I had a happy husband.

An adorable baby.


In my heart I know that I was depressed.

Things didn’t feel right, Rich could tell.

I felt crazy in my own head.

Like I was in a fog.


It wasn’t until Teag was 6 months old that I started to get out of my funk.

I finally could see straight.

I felt like something clicked.

I felt like I could finally handle everything.

Being a wife.

A mother.


When I found out I was pregnant with Arlo, I was terrified.

Terrified that I would feel the same as I felt after having Teag.


I have yet to take that quiz again.

This time, I have changed a few things.

Healthier meals. More veggies.

vitamins. Last time I hardly took anything. This time I take vitamin C, D, flinstone chewables, calcium, and folic acid. I can definitely feel a difference when I take them.

Exercise. It’s not as often as I would like. Due to having two kids, my time is precious. When I can get a workout in, I am happy.

I feel healthy.

And for the most part, I feel happy.




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  1. I think the most important thing that you recognized was being honest with yourself about where you’re at mentally. Good for you for taking initiative! The hardest part is admitting it, but once you do, the help you receive is endless. Such a great feeling!

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