Christmas traditions.


(i made my ear-warmer/gigantic bow)

We all have traditions.

Things that make the holidays extra special.

Growing up, mine always started on Christmas eve.

We would go to the Christmas eve service, then (when we lived in the city) we would go looking at christmas lights. Which is still one of my favourite past-times.

Then my Dad would read the Christmas story. I loved listening to him read it.

After what seemed like hours we would get to open our presents!

After we had played with our new toys/games/clothes it was time for bed!

In the morning we opened our stockings, which were always placed on our beds the night before.

The rest of the day was spent eating, playing and visiting with family.

Turkey day, was boxing day. That’s the 26th, for all you non-Canadians.

I love Turkey.

Since my family has been in Africa for the past 5+ years, our Christmas has been a little different.

Rich and I are starting new traditions.

Christmas eve is “family day”. We open presents from Mommy and Daddy, and all the presents from my side of the family. We eat pancakes, and generally laze around. It is wonderful.

Christmas day is spent with the inlaws. Which means more presents for the boys, turkey dinner (and pie!) and lots of visiting with family.

I like our traditions.

picture time!


1) Teag and I at “ZooLights”

2) Lights

3 & 4) Arlo’s first Christmas

5) Happy Teag

6) Daddy and Arlo cuddles

7) opening presents

8) listening to Uncle Twis’s headphones

9) wearing cousins boots

11) OVEN MITTS. (white elephant present, we didn’t win)

12) Daddy and Arlo

I hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas!

Love Kait


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