Bullet form.


What i think/am thinking, in bullet form.

  • I have the best commenters/friends a mama could ask for.
  • I have 1,914 ounces of frozen breast milk. GO ME. By my calculations, I need about 5000 ounces to have about 6 months of milk for him. I feel overwhelmed by it.
  • I hate pumping, I’ll have to get 36oz, just to freeze. plus the 24 that Ari already drinks. Oatmeal/mother milk it is for me.
  • I think that I’m going to try and go gluten-free. long list of reason. if it works and I stick to it, I’ll write about it.
  • I’m actually enjoying Christmas this year. I’ve been playing Christmas music NON-STOP (are you proud mom and grandma?!)
  • I couldn’t figure out what I wanted for Christmas (other than an ipad2) so Rich and I decided to make it matter. I’ll talk about that later too. (not tonight)
  • We got the boys their christmas present. We decided to do one big thing, and then little stocking stuffers.
  • This is the fourth Christmas that I haven’t spent with my parents/siblings.
  • the Chipmonks annoy me. We had their tape. ALVIN.
  • i want to make homemade mayo. and ranch dressing.
  • we don’t have a surgery date for Arlo yet, the Children’s hospitals computers were down.
  • I stay up far too late.
  • goodnight.

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