Three months old.


My sweet “Littles” is three months old today.

Three months of up all nights, and taping his little lip.

Three months of bottle feeding and pumping around the clock.

Three months of love and snuggles and sweet baby smells except for the poopy diapers, those are nasty.

Three months of watching Teag give his baby brother kisses and hugs. Of him shoving his “shoop shoop” into Arlo’s mouth.

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Arlos’ favourite things:

Mama. he settles down when I hold him and rock him.

Daddy. he thinks his Daddy is the greatest thing since sliced bread. He loves to smile and tell Daddy stories.

Teag. he loves to watch his brother play, he also loves to be held by him.

Mo the monkey. These two are BFF’s, Arlo loves to suck on Mo’s ear and tail. Cutest thing ever.

Arlo loves to be swaddled, he gets angry when he breaks free from his swaddle at night.

He also loves his swing, which is awesome, as we have a swing.

Arlo loves to eat. I think he is going through a growth spurt as he went from sleeping through the night, to eating every three hours. LAME.

bath time. he just relaxes completely. he HATES being taken out of the bath though. Screams bloody murder.

Arlo hates:

sleeping by himself. he would way rather snuggle with Mama or Daddy then sleep in his bassinet. (I think this is due to him not being able to hear, which is a result of his ULCLP)

not being in on the action. He would way rather sit in his high chair, than sit in his swing, during supper. The Little guy just doesn’t want to be forgotten.

his soother. it’s a love/hate relationship. He loves to suck on it, but hates that he can’t keep it in his mouth. (which is also a ULCLP thing)

when we take out his NAM. Seriously screams bloody murder, as soon as he has it back in his mouth he is allllll good.



Sweet baby boy, I am so proud of you. You have been through so much, and I couldn’t ask for a more relaxed baby.

Thank you for being calm, when Mama is a mess.

For smiling at just the right time.

For nuzzling in right when I need it.

I love you so much and am so excited to see where God will take you in your life.

**his bib says “this is what HANDSOME looks like”**




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  1. Your Alro is so very precious. You are too. What a blessing to see this amazing woman that you are and are becoming. It is only through fire that we can be purified like gold, and God is good, all the time, no matter what. I can see that you know this, all of the good things that you include, even when things are hard. I have heard people say that the Lord only gives us what we can handle…I think that is garbage. God is in the business of giving us far more than we can handle, so that we will run to Him and lean on Him. You are a blessing. Love your blog.

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