Questions. Answered.


I feel like I get bombarded with questions everywhere we go.

I always joke with Rich that we should make a list of frequently asked questions, and answer them.

So that whenever we are out, we can just hand out a paper and be on our way.

Just kidding. Kind of.

It’s not that I don’t like to answer everyone’s questions, but after being asked the same questions 72billion times…


When is his surgery?

We have his our pre-op day on December 14th. We will find out then when we are going to do surgery.

What does his nam do?

His nam is basically a fancy retainer. It has pulled his gums in and over. Instead of having a 6mm gap, his gums are now touching.

Does it hurt?

I’m sure that it is uncomfortable at first. He only seems bothered by it after it has been “released”. Even then, he is really only angry because he wants it back in. He loves his nam. I’m actually getting kind of worried about what I am going to do after his surgery.

What will they do at his first surgery?

In January he will get: ear tubes, lip adhesion, and gum adhesion.

Are you worried about it?

Now, this question really depends on who I am talking to. If it is a random stranger (yes, it does happen) then I tell them about how amazing our team is (they are) and how much I trust them (which I do). If it is friends and family then I get more in depth about it. I am worried. I am giving my baby, my four month old, away to be put under anesthesia to have his mouth/face worked on. So yea, I’m worried about it. I try not to think about, I try not to think that after January I won’t be able to see his amazing wide smile. It makes me cry.

How many times a day do you pump, and how long do you pump for?

Seriously? Why do you want to know that?? I pump anywhere from 5 to 7 times a day (I should be pumping more often than that, sad, but true) for 25 to 30 minutes each session. Which is 25-30 minutes of CHAOS, Teag likes to DESTROY the house. Usually, I try and pump while Teag is strapped in his high chair, eating. Or while watching the “woo woo’s” on the laptop.

How does Teag/family deal with it?

Deal with what? He doesn’t know any different. Because he is so young, I’ve never had to explain to him what a cleft lip and palate are. Even if he was older, I know he wouldn’t care. Children are so accepting about “differences”. Our families have been wonderful. They really have been here for us when we needed it, be it physically here, or an email saying that they love us and are praying for us. (Hi, mom and dad)

Will you have more children? What are the chances of a cleft lip and palate happening again?

Yes we will have more babies. No I am not pregnant, nor do I plan on becoming pregnant ANYTIME SOON. The chances of us having a CLCP baby again is 2%, the same chances everyone else has. IF his CLCP had been a genetic issue, then the “risks” would be higher. Even if the “risk” was higher, we would still have another baby.

How do you stay so positive?

I’m not. I’m just good at “fakin’ it till ya make it”. Just kidding. Kind of. I have an amazing husband who is with me every step of the way. And I have God. He is with me every step of the way.

Wow, two kids under 20 months, you must be busy.

Yes, yes we are busy. Our day typically starts, when I can drag my lazy butt out of bed. Or when Teag decides to draw on my face with pen. Or when I forgot to shut the bedroom door and he figured out how to turn the tap on in the main bathroom. Then we have breakfast, I pump, I feed Arlo (those two often switch places, if Arlo is asleep, I pump. If he is awake, I feed him), we play. Then we nap, feed Arlo ,then I pump, then we have lunch, we play, run errands, feed Arlo, I pump, make supper, put Teag to bed, feed Arlo, pump, put Arlo to bed. Then, it is “me” time, till Rich gets home from work, pump again, and then finally it’s bedtime. So yea, we’re busy.

Any other questions? I honestly would love to answer them. Be it about cleft lip/palate or life, or pumping (because pumping is my life right now, haha) I’d love to answer them!


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  1. I am again overwhelmed by you. What an amazing woman you are.I am so proud of you and Richard of course. You are an amazing mother and wife. God bless you all my darlings, love and prayers from Gramma Dorothy

  2. We got told after Bennett the chances of us having another cleft baby was one in 500 and then we had Connor. Got to love statistics hey? Granted our babies were only partial unilateral cleft lips.

    • That’s crazy. I’m not going to lie, I kind of laughed at the genetics Drs when they told me our chances of having another “cleftie”. Without doing any actual testing, how are they to know if we will have another one or not. AND we will take our chances either way. I love my little guys wide smile.

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