Menu Review W3


You can find last weeks menu here

Highlights from the menu:

Definitely the roasted tomato soup. It was amazing.

It took about 1.5 hours to make, but was so worth it. If you have the time, and the ingredients, I say make it!

Disappointments from the menu:

Leaving the tortilla shells on the counter overnight, resulting in stale yucky shells.

Which meant that we couldn’t have burritos.

Not being about to find a mango anywhere. Uber sad

Being lazy and not making quiche.

Being super lazy and not doing the cheesy chicken and rice bake.

This week, the menu will be simple. I can’t wait to plan it!

Side note, Teags favourite thing to say right now is “meow” and “pa” (as in grandpa), which means he wants to go to Grandpas and see the kittens.

So cute!

One day I’ll get a video of him saying it to share with you all!!


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