my pre-new years, new year resolution


I am probably the most unorganized person you will ever meet.

Hands down, I am terrible at it.

Procrastinator, I am. Last minute deadline, I cut it close.

This year, I am going to try something different. This year I am going to make a “family binder”

They are all over pinterest oh how I love thee pinterest and quite frankly they are a brilliant idea.

I started making one a few weeks ago (when I started meal planning) and have since decided I need to change how I have organized mine.

My “family binder” has:

  • weekly menu (obviously)
  • master to-do list
  • monthly calendar
  • cleaning checklist
  • weekly planner
  • daily checklist

Since I pretty much take it with me everywhere, I have realized that there are a few more categories that I need.

  • weekly grocery budget list
  • freezer inventory list
  • pantry inventory list
  • grocery shopping list

all found here

  • monthly budget
  • blog planner (I’m liking this one)


I think that I need to change the way the I organized my binder.

Instead of having them divided into like categories, I’m going to divide them by months.

For instance, December will have

  • monthly calender
  • 4 weekly menu planners
  • 1 cleaning checklist
  • 1 daily checklists
  • 1 weekly grocery budget list
  • 1 freezer inventory list (I will include one in each monthly section)
  • 1 pantry inventory list
  • 1 blog planner.

I’m hoping that with having everything all organized I will be able to become organized.

 How do you organized your life?




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