my first time.


Today is my first time…menu planning.

I’m tired of aimlessly opening the fridge trying to figure out what we are going to do for lunch and supper.

[Rich makes breakfast. His homemade pancakes are to.die.for.]


Breakfast: we have Baby A’s dentist/nam appointment so it will most likely be cereal

Lunch: we will be on the road on our way to his appointment, so more than likely, fast food.

Supper: Roast beef, mashed potatos and mixed veggies


Breakfast: cereal

Lunch: quesadillas and refried beans

Supper: veggie burgers, and avocado fries


Breakfast: cereal

Lunch: tomato soup & grilled cheese sandwiches

Supper: tacos (crumbling up the left over veggie burgers and adding ground beef)


Breakfast: whatever Rich wants to make

Lunch: Quinoa spinach cakes

Supper: chinese honey chicken, rice and steamed veggies  


Breakfast: whatever Rich wants to make

Lunch: chicken pot muffins & soup

Supper: crockpot lasagna & foccacia bread


Breakfast: french toast

Lunch: mozzerella, tomato and avocado salad an left over focaccia bread

Supper: home made mac & cheese and spinach salad


Breakfast: cereal

Lunch: at the inlaws

Supper: still at the inlaws

Not going to lie, 98% of these are new recipes…I’ll keep you posted on how they turn out!


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