NaBloPoMo Day 3


Other wise titled, we’re are so lucky and blessed.

I always feel like people expect a different response from Rich and I when we talk about Arlo’s cleft lip and palate.

*new “bling” is his nose stent*

They expect us to be grief striken.

But how can I? When all I see is a beautiful, healthy, cuddly, happy, content, wonderful baby.

With the tiniest kissable toes I have ever seen.

Yes, we have our ups and downs


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    • A nose stent is a piece of wire (with a soft gummy like ball at the end) that is now attached to his nam. what it does is shape his little nose. One side is shaped normal and the other is flat, which is due to his cleft.

      Here is an article with pictures about it. (I have yet to read it, i just made sure that there were pictures…I’ll read it tonight..haha)
      (on the 2nd page is where the pictures are)

      • O ok! So that little ball is part of the device then! I thought they attached it to skin in his nose and was thinking it would hurt! It looks the same color in the picture, but that makes more sense 🙂

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