It’s official. I am off my rocker.

For those of you unfamiliar of the term NaBloPoMo it stands for “Nation Blog Posting Month”

For the month of November, I accepted the challenge, I am going to post daily.

Be it a huge post, or simply a picture with a caption.

The cool things about the NaBloPoMo blog is that if you want (or are struggling for inspiration) you can use their writing prompts.

Today’s prompt is:

“What is your favourite part of writing?”  

I have always loved to write. I have TONS of journals, diaries, and notebooks all full of my thoughts and ideas.

Things that I loved (I love to clip out magazines and put them in/on my journals), things that made me angry and sad.

When I got married my daily writing took the back burner, instead of spending hours writing I now spent my time working, tending to our tiny basement suite and of course loving my husband.

When I got pregnant any writing that I did get done before, suddenly never happened. I was lucky if I remembered to brush my hair (what? I own a hairbrush?!)

Now with two small boys getting the chance to write is few and far between. Between the laundry and snuggles, dishes and diapers, finding time to write is near impossible.

I charish the time I have with my family, my iphone is full  pictures and videos to prove it.

But sometimes I just want a moment to myself, to collect my thoughts, to empty my brain and relax.

My favourite part of writing* is the time I spend by myself.

Selfish? Maybe. Needed? Definitely.

* My other favourite thing, is being able to brag about my boys! I just love them.



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