Battle Baby Bulge w5


*I know this isn’t friday, but our internet has been down since friday morning. Thankfully it is finally back up*

Last week

Week 4

weight: 148lbs (4lbs gained. lame.)

hips: 37in

waist: 33in

week 4 goals:

drink 2 litres of water a day

walk 7kms & do 30 minutes of wii fit plus a day

try a new healthy recipe, (same recipes as last week*)

Walking goals, NAILED IT! I did 11.87kms!! WOOT WOOT.

Wii goals. haha didn’t even touch the wii.

and didn’t drink all of my water.

Week 5

weight: 149lbs.  (1lb gain)

hips: 38.5in (.15in gained)

waist: 32in (1in lost)


walk 10kms

45 min of wii fit a day.

drink 2 litres of water a day.

have vegetarian night! (This is especially hard as I have a freezer full of beef!)

I think I  have figured out why I have been gaining weight.

I’ve been staying up ridiculously late (some nights I’m up till 2!)

Eating copious amounts of trail mix (going through this bag, in a week…every week since Baby A was born…6 bags…not cool)

Eating late at night, and not healthy food either…I’m talking ice cream cake, pumpkin pie, chips…

That is why I’m gaining weight

This week, there will be no more trail mix, and no more junk food at night.

I realize that as a pumping mama, I do need to eat when hungry, but I definitely do not need to be eating junk!

*side note, aren’t my babies beautiful?!*

Make sure you check out Tairalyn and Tanya!


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