An afternoon at Children’s


Today we had yet another appointment at the Children’s hospital.

Unlike most hospital/doctor/dentist appointments, I actually enjoy going to our weekly Children’s  appointments.

Each week starts out the same, we drive for an hour and a half (give or take) to get to the hospital.

Then we go to the dental clinic and see Dr. C (our wonderful dentist) who adjusts

 the NAM, and makes sure that all is going well with his gums and lip(s).

Then we go to the cleft clinic (which is conveniently located next door to the dental clinic) and Baby gets weighed and measured.

He is weighed and measured every week to make sure that he is gaining and growing.

So far at our last three visits he has gained 26grams(1st week) 32grams(2nd week) and 36grams (this week)

Currently he weighs 8lbs 3oz, up from 6lbs 9oz!

He has also grown 2 inches in one month!

Then usually the nurses “ooo” and “awwee” over Baby while we get ready to go home.

This week however, we saw the dentist, pediatrician, ENT, plastic surgeon and social worker.

We saw the pediatrician because Baby has been showing signs of reflux (unfortunately very normal for a cleftie baby), tomorrow we get our perscription for it.

We saw the ENT (ears, nose and throat specialist) who got our consent to get ear tubes for Baby. We of course agreed.

We saw the plastic surgeon who got our consent for Babys’ lip surgery and gum surgery. We of course agreed.

Lip, gum and tube surgery will all happen at the same time.

We were told that Baby A will have surgery in the beginning of January! (YAY!)

We saw the social worker (not the “I’m gunna take away your kid type”) who was wonderful, mainly we talked about family history (she drew a family tree), any concerns that we had and just talked to us about what to expect in the future.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I truly love our team. They always make us feel welcome and not just another face/patient.

Today was a great day.

And to top things off we have started taping Baby A’s lip (the nam moves the gum, the tape moves the lip so that it all matches up)

I thought it would be funny if he had a mustache.

I was right. Isn’t he the cutest little mustache man? I think so!


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  1. He is so cute and the mustache is great!
    On the reflux thing…have you heard about Hazelwood necklaces? I know it sounds crazy but Aneliese had GERD with no signs of improvement and then at 7ish we tried the necklace and within a week she had improved greatly and continued that way unless her necklace had worn out. It also helps eczema and other acid level disorders.
    In case you are interested…here is the link

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