As a mother we try our best to show love and respect to other around us.

We try to raise our children not to judge those that are different from us, those that aren’t considered “normal”.

We do our best to show love and kindness to family, friends and even strangers, so that our children can learn how to love others.

We discipline our kids (be it a stern glance or sharp tongue) when they are rude to others, when they stare or snicker.

On Monday we had our weekly appointment at the Children’s hospital, we saw Dr. C (whom we love). Baby A got his NAM*, I was so worried that it would be a nightmare. I thought he would scream and fight (as much as an almost 3 week old could fight a Dr) but he didn’t. He slept through the whole thing, I was so proud. So relieved, I had heard tales of babies not doing well with feedings and just generally hating it. He has been a champ.

After our appointment we went to the mall and I got new glasses (which was needed as Little T had completely bent mine beyond repair), while the glasses were being made we walked around the mall. It was going fabulous, I was carrying the baby and Rich was carrying the carseat. We walked and walked (it was a big mall) and while walking we got lots of “oohs and ahhs” (Baby A is still tiny, weighing in at 6lbs 15oz) you know, the kind of thing that makes a mothers heart beat proudly.

That is until we got halfway through the mall and a ciosk worker had “ooh and ahh’d” (I had Baby A facing in, back to the world) while we walked towards her suddenly changed her reaction when she saw Baby A. I was shocked. The face she made was as if someone was walking through the mall, naked with three legs and mullet all while singing “Born this way”. It was of shock and disgust. It broke my heart. I was so shocked by her reaction that I didn’t tell Rich about it till we were at the other end of the mall.

I know that my son looks “different”, I know that people will stare, and point and make rude comments. I just didn’t expect it to happen so soon.

I am thankful that Little T is so young that he doesn’t understand that his beloved baby brother is different. He just sees brother with love, with no judgement, with no hatered or unkindness.

I wish we could all see each other through the eyes of a child.

*NAM stands for Nasoalveolar molding, basically it’s a fancy retainer that pulls the gum line closers together thus reducing a extra surgery. It use to take 3 surgeries but now with using the NAM there are only two.


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