Cleft update


Yesterday we had our very first post-birth cleft team meeting(s) (we went in the spring for a “here’s-what-we-do” type meeting)

It was information overload, but in a good way.

It was a long day.

We started with the audiologist. They stuck this weird looking ear piece Arlo’s ears (one at a time(, they did a small beep noise in his ear mainly to test the echo. Then we went to a different room, and they put another device in his ears (also once at a time) which blew a poof of air into his ear, it tested the ear drum elasticity. They determined that there is fluid in his ears (very very common for clefties), how much he can hear is to be determined.

Then we saw the pediatrician (one of three), and she did a physical of Arlo and did a ton of talking. Normal doctor stuff.

Then we saw the plastic surgeon, and he informed us that Baby A’s cleft palate was very large. So large, that we had thought that he had a bilateral cleft palate. What we were infact seeing, was the inside of his nose. Craziness.

Then we saw the dentist, and we talked about the NAM (Nasoalveolar Molding) device, and decided that we did want to use it (we had talked about it in length before the appointment)

Then we were suppose to see the ENT but they were still in surgery and not able to see us. When we see them we will find out how severe the fluid in Baby A’s ears is.

Then we went to the dental clinic, to sign some forms (consent for the molding of the NAM) and to make a wax mold for the making of the NAM.

As it looks right now,:

  • we will be there once a week for the next 12-14 weeks.
  • he will have surgery between 4 and 6 months for the lip adhesion
  • he will have the palate surgery between 9 and 15 months.
  • we love our team!

I’ll definitely update as we venture through this new journey!

and because the picture cracks me up…

Little T HATES sharing “his” chariot, even with his baby brother.

He got over it eventually.


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