8 days young


I feel like this week (8 days to be exact) has flown by. I feel like doing a dance, perhaps jumping on the couch in my jammies shouting “I SURVIVED!”

We have made it through the week without anyone dying, without any tears (from mama, babies cried), and we (mama and daddy) have even set up a night “schedule” (Rich does the midnight feeding, and I do the middle of the night feedings. Then Rich gets up with the boys at 8 and I get to sleep in as long as I want! Its amazing!) Team work baby, team work!

In the past 8 days we have:

  • snuggled
  • given Baby A 1000000000 x 10000000 kisses; especially Little T, he loves his baby brother
  • had newborn pictures done (Little T was a terror the.whole.time. cutting all 4 eye teeth at the.same.time.)
  • had the health nurse over (it’s manditory, no biggie we like our nurses)
  • had our newborn Dr visit (we like our Dr too!)
  • we went to our Mom and Preschoolers group (i missed it so much)
  • we went to our very first cleft team meeting(s). we saw the audiologist, pediatrition, plastic surgeon and dentist. We were suppose to see the ENT (ears nose throat DR) as well, but they were still in surgery. (More on this tomorrow)
  • Baby A had his first mall/babiesrus/costco trip. He did well.
  • I have pumped almost 90oz of milk for Baby A (thats just the milk that A hasn’t eaten! Go me!)
  • filled my iphone with the cutest pictures and videos of A and T together. It melts my heart.
  • made these muffins, they are AMAZING! (next time I’ll add more pumpkin though)

and most of all

  • been blessed by our friends and family!!

(isn’t he just the sweetest?)



About kaitslife

Wife to an amazing firefighter/emt. Mama to my beautiful boys, Little T and Baby A! Lover of photography, sewing, baking, traveling, blogging, twittering @kaitevans, mama friends, shopping, and maybe exercising...

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  1. Aww Kaity you are an amazingly strong and blessed woman! Arlo is adorable, I was in town last sunday and at church but didn’t see you guys. Maybe next time 🙂

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