I don’t think I have been this stressed ever.

Not during high school (even during exams)

Not when I moved 9824239874239874 miles away from my darling baby daddy. (I was gone for 362 days)

Not when we were planning our wedding. Bridezilla, I was not. No really, we could have eloped and I would have been happy.

Not when we were pregnant with Little T.

Why am I stressed?

  • I have 52 days till Bubsie is here.
  • Bubsie still has no name.
  • I sewed a diaper up wrong and had to undo it all. I hope it works.
  • I’m stressed about pumping and taking care of both of my babies all while Rich is at work.
  • I’ve never used a haberman bottle, and now I have to use one full time with Bubs.
  • A friends brothers girlfriend just had a baby and baby had a cleft palate. Baby had a feeding tube and that scares me.
  • that I’m not giving Little T enough attention. I know I am, it’s just mommy guilt. (we cuddle and read as many books as he wants at night time.)
  • Little T still isn’t sleeping through the night. He wakes up at midnight (he hates being wet) and we change him and give him a bottle, then (depending on how I feel) he either stays in his bed or he sleeps with us. Which is painful, that kid is a mover.

Reasons to not stress.

  • I still have 52 days till Bubsie is here
  • Bubsie is a mover
  • Little T has been especially clingy/loving on mommy. I love it.
  • I know that I can pump, and that I will figure out a schedule for when Rich is at work.
  • I have an amazing support team, if Bubs needs a feeding tube I know that they will be with me to help me all along the way.
  • even though Little T is sleeping in our bed every night, and that he beats me all night long, I get the best hugs and kisses and cuddles in the morning. Definitely making it worth it.
  • I got all my fabric and snaps that I ordered. So far I have only used the snaps, but the fabric is washed/dried and ready to go!
  • I have an amazing husband who loves me, even when I am crazy.
  • My baby boy adores me.



*the childrens hospital not only saved my life (I was a 29 weeker) but will be where Bubsie gets all the treatment baby needs*


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