I am a terrible blogger. I love blogging and especially love reading other mamas blogs but man, I am terrible at regular updating!

So, since the last time I wrote we had our ultrasound, geneticist and prenatal appointment.

It was a lot of waiting.

Our ultrasound was good, Bubsie was playing shy and kept its arms in front of its face the.whole.time.

It was so cute.

The ultrasound wasn’t that fantastic as far as getting pictures, Bubs was playing shy/sleeping/not wanting to cooperate at all.

They were able to see the left profile and concluded that the cleft was a isolated right sided unilateral cleft lip and palate (often called ULCP). They also saw Bubsies “cupids bow“, which I think is pretty cool.


Our baby has “figure 2a” we aren’t sure if the cleft goes into the nose or not, either way, Bubs has to have surgery.

After our ultrasound, we met up with the geneticist (and his resident) and they collectively asked us 86 million questions.

From that appointment we (well really they did) concluded that Bubsies cleft is an “isolated” case, meaning the chance of any future children having clefts is at about 2%. Which is the risk for anyone else. They also concluded that even though Rich’s great uncle had a cleft palate, it was not in any way related to our case. The genes/family tree is just too far apart for it to play a part in this case. If Rich or I, or immediate family members had a cleft, then it would be considered genetic. But since it is so far away on the tree, it isn’t.

They also tried to convince us to get an amniocentesis done, which we quickly declined.

Our reasons for declining:

  • The risk of miscarriage is far too high
  • we love Bubsie regardless of what a test (with a freakin huge needle) will tell us
  • We have had 3 trusted doctors tell us that it wasn’t necessary
  • the chances for a false positive is still so high, why would we want to spend the rest of the pregnancy worrying about if the test was right or not
  • there were no other “markers” on any of our ultrasounds suggesting that something else was going on.

After that we went to our prenatal appointment. We waited FOREVER for it. They had booked us for the day before (even though we had it booked for the 3rd) and told us that they could squeeze us in still. So after waiting 1.5 hours we finally had our 10 minute appointment. That doctor concluded that everything was going great and that we are measuring right on track!

And thus concludes our appointment day (from hell…as far as waiting goes…)





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