What we’ve been doing.


Finally time to post!

This is what we’ve been up to since the 9th!!

1. All dressed up (in the anthro dress I got when we went up for HBD’s bday) for cirque!

2. no toes.

3.  “drunk” picture. yet neither of us were.

4. duck-face at the pub waiting for my nachos!

5. Rich “smiling”

6. a kiss in front of the cool phone booth

7. 28 weeks

8. cuddles with daddy

9. little T playing his shoe waiting for food.

10. sitting at his little table, loving it.

11. at the town parade, sucking on his first sucker. loved it.

12. waiting for daddy after said parade.

13. 29 weeks.

14. I finally got the leatherman that I won from Pup and Tot!

15. Little T’s first boat ride (yes he is wearing a life jacket!) with Daddy and Grandpa!

16. 30(!!!) weeks!

Other things we have been doing:

sewing ( I have made 3 cloth diapers! One for T, and 2 for Bubsie (well it depends on if Bubs is a boy or girl))

baking bread

organzing the nursery

reading “Stop, Train, Stop!” 86 million times

hiding from the rain/craptastic weather. When is summer coming?!!?

watching Bubsie move, this is a very active baby

I promise to not let it get so long inbetween posts! HDB has been working tons of shifts, which leaves me sans computer. By the time he gets home I am far too tired to post anything!


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