I am exhausted.

“my” life has been hijacked by a 15 month old teething monster.

He is Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde all in one day  afternoon  minute.

One minute he is all about the kisses and the next all he does is cry.

I don’t blame him though, cutting 4 molars at the same time probably isn’t the most pleasant feeling out there.


I mentioned last week (yikes, has it really been that long!?) that Little T has started potting training, and I am proud to admit that it is still going strong!

So far he pees in the potty every morning after we get up and then I don’t “catch” another one till after his nap. But thats ok with me, as it is one less diaper that I have to change!

And yes, he knows what he is doing, if he didn’t why would he sign “potty” and then pee in it?

I am a proud mama!


Anyway, Rich is home, and Tiny Terror is sleeping, so I think I’m going to go spend time with my love.





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