My to-do list. revisted.


So I started this list at twenty weeks, I think I have accomplished a ton!

Kaits list of stuff that needs to get done before Bubsie gets here:

  • decide if Bubsie and Little T are sharing a room or not. I’d like them to, but I don’t want Bubs to keep T up all night. The verdict is, sharing a room depending on Bubsies health
  • organize baby clothes, pull out all gender neutral items.
  • buy another crib. thank goodness we have that Ikea gift card!
  • finish the snuggly sleep carseat bag thing.
  • finish the newborn pjs that I have cut out, but not sewn together yet.
  • finish the kitchen (all that’s left is to tile the back-splash)
  • finish the tile in the master bathroom
  • re-arrange Little T’s room, it is driving me NUTS.
  • put the closet doors on T’s closet.
  • put the door on T’s bedroom
  • fence the backyard
  • have Gus fully house trained (he’s about 98% trained) (Since finding out that Bubsie has a cleft, we found a family home for Gus)
  • sell my valco baby stroller (anyone interested? have I got a deal for you!)

New things to add to the list

  • make these diapers in newborn/small size
  • finish making the baby blankets for T and for Bubsie
  • organize our bedroom
  • sort through our clothes and make a give away pile
  • finish and organize the pantry

I know there are more, but that should keep me busy for a few more weeks!

EDITED TO ADD: I added a new “page” called “crafty crafter” full of current and future projects that I am working on. Once the project is complete I will add pictures. I can’t wait to show everyone what I have done!


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