Things I have come to the conclusion of (in the past 10 days)

– I hate hate hate minky fabric.

– sinus colds suck

– Little T likes to pee in the potty. (yesterday he signed “potty” and “please” and the proceed to pee in the potty!! So far he has peed in the potty 5 times (3 yesterday and 2 today)

– when I feel like crap (sinus cold) my house reflects that. it does not help that Little T is intent on destroying EVERYTHING

– I have found even MORE projects that I want to make for Bubsie. I think I’m going to make a side-bar list of all that I have done/want to do.

– I’m going to finish Bubsies knit sweater (pictures to come this week) possibly tonight

– I love chocolate chip cookies. Yesterday I craved them, but only wanted them in my ice-cream. So I made a whole batch just for that.

– I made this for supper. DELISH. I made it with linguine instead of thick noodles…so good!!

– Little T’s 8th tooth finally came in. Now we are working on all 4 molars. Fun times. not.

– We went to Cirque du Soleil. It was amazing. thanks Joe!

– The night we left Little T, I slept for 9.5 hours, straight. I haven’t done that since before I was pregnant with T.

– We went to this pub after Cirque, it was so yummy.

– sleep training Little T sucks more than sinus colds.

– I sold our Valco stroller, now I’m on the hunt for a lightweight double. any ideas?

– our internet hates me. Every few minutes it stops working.

– Little T has been off dairy for 2+ months (raw dairy, if it is cooked like in cookies or cake etc, he seems to do alright with it). He is a different person.

– we had both of our doctor appointments. One scale said I was 150 (so 2lbs above pre-pregnancy) and the other said I was 153. I’m not sure who to believe.

– I am happy with my weight gain.

– 3 weeks till we see Bubsie again! I can’t wait to see that precious face!!


Rich has to go to work, so until later



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