Weekly Recap v2


Our week was NUTS.

I am linking up with Amy over at a good life

Little T and his two favourite things, “rawr rawr” and “chup” (tiger and pacifier)

Delish salad

Little T sitting like Daddy

Swimming with Daddy

The messy the sewing room was.

At the farmers market with Daddy

Sitting, waiting for us to hurry up.


Best cherries ever, and the tupperware catelog.

Peanut butter face.

(tuesday continued )

Watching “Thomas” with Daddy

Clean sewing room

Teething sucks, cuddles don’t

90% finished jammies for Bubsie!

Little T is quite vain, he loves to talk and laugh at the baby in the mirror

Walking to our moms group

At the splash park, he loves water!

Waiting to go to Daddy’s cousins grad party. We skipped grad (a 2 hour ceremony with a 1 year old…no thank you) and went to the party.

I feel huge.

Blue cupcakes at grad party. delish.

(Wednesday continued)

Pizza and coke craving. yum.

Playing Settlers with our brotha from anotha motha. (While he tries to figure out our baby name. haha)

Glucose test, watching the Royals “land” in Canada

Little T with Rawr, Chup and his car.

“driving” (the truck didn’t have the keys in it.) Daddy’s truck.

At Nana and Tydes house

Poking the kitty

Taking kitty for a spin

“helping” Daddy

Happy Canada Day!

Got my hair done.

Recurring craving, raspberries and chocolate chips

Watching Thomas, with Rawrs

Sitting on his boat.

On a walk with his best friend.

German pancakes


cutest toes ever.

Bouncing on his ball

Mr. Peanutbutter-face

Cuddles with Daddy

Home made pound cake with ice-cream and whip cream.

How was your week?

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  1. I loved the collection of photos and updates! I see the settlers of Catan at the table, my brothers and dad will play this game up until the wee hours of the morning every time were all together haha 🙂

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