Nesting. Sort of.


I never really nested with Little T. I don’t know if it had anything to do with being on partial bedrest or just not getting the urge.

This time around I think I’m starting to nest. But in the most unusual ways… Like I want the nursery/Little T’s room to be set up and ready to go. And I want my sewing room set up perfect.

Other things like cleaning and organizing, which I never really was good at, has slowly started to make its way to the top of my “to-do” list.

One of my main things that I feel an urge/need-to-do is finish all the projects that I started.

I started this (all I have to do is sew it up!), this (not even close to being finished) and this (which I did finish).

And then one night (because I’m crazy) I cut out all the piece to make flannel jammies for Bubsie. I have yet to sew them together. They just lay there, abandoned on my sewing table.

And then, at night, when I can’t sleep (instead of getting up and being a productive member of society) I look at patterns at Prudent Baby. So far I have decided that the baby has to have new blankets. Because the 86 thousand that we have obviously isn’t going to cut it.

I found a Beginner’s Baby Blanket that would be so easy to make, it should be easy right…it has beginners in the title…

I found a swaddling blanket that would put other swaddle blankets to shame.

And since my friend just gave me the softest minky fabric, I guess I’m going to have to make this blanket too.

And then I found this blanket who originally found it here.  Does it get any cuter?!

and then since I’m a crazy person, I decided that yesterday was the day that my sewing room would be tackled. And boy did we tackle it.

I was going to take these amazing pictures of how organized and clean and wonderful my sewing room is, but then I decided to sew in it.

And it is no longer clean, it’s somewhat organized but definitely still wonderful.

So instead, you get pictures of the room how it usually is.

And since I’m in a very good mood (Hubs is picking up my pizza craving!!)

I’ll show you the fabric I’m using for those blanket projects.

This fabric (minky on top and flannel on the bottom) would be used for this, if Bubsie is a boy

If Bubsie is a girl I will be making this, with this fabric

I would use the top fabric (white polka dots) for the bias tape (i bought a bias take do-dad maker, thing)

and then the middle is a soft cotton and the bottom is a soft soft soft flannel.

Both blankeys will be made, and one will be given as a pressie…because currently everyone is pregnant in this little town.

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