Bumpity Bump.


and other fantastic things.

In pictures.

Because I can.

25 weeks pregnant.

26 weeks pregnant

Finally, a half decent picture of HBD and I!

Little T has “mastered” giving kisses

Little T playin in his “car” pool (before we got the real deal)

He climbs onto EVERYTHING. I found him sitting on his table, under the breakfast bar…when he is quiet, bad things happen.

His first swing ride! LOVED IT!!

I am so excited for the month of July.

  • We have our first OB appointment with the Dr who will deliver our baby in the city!!
  • Little T is having his first sleep over at Grandma and Grandpas!
  • We are going to Cirque Du Soleil and seeing Dralion, it will be our second Cirque show and I can’t wait!
  • We set up our new pool, now I’m just waiting for it to get hot outside!
  • The fruit truck is here! Yay for fresh fruit! (we got BC cherries. delish.)

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