Little T is growing like a weed (or our lawn, we have like miracle grow lawn, without actually using miracle grow).

 I can’t believe that he is 14 months already, time really is flying by.

So far he only says a few words like “mama” “mom” “dada” “dad” “baba” “vovo” “woo woo”.

 I think he is more interested in destroying playing with everything.

I love how interactive he is, he wants to see and do everything. Even things he shouldn’t be doing (climbing on the top ledge of the couch).

I love how much he understands, he really has started following instructions. It isn’t with everything that he obeys but if we tell him to go to him room (for a diaper change) or to go to the bathroom he will. It’s nice.

I love how much he loves his sibling. Every morning I get a tummy full of rasberries/slobbery kisses and cuddles. I can’t wait for Little T to meet his sibling.

I love how much he loves Daddy. Daddy is the coolest thing in the world.

I love how he can play in his toy area, my favourite is how he checks on me! After about 10 minutes of playing he’ll say “mama” and I’ll say “yes” and he will keep on playing.

I love how when he “talks” on the phone, he paces like his daddy. All the while saying “dad, dad, dad”

I love how he likes to be outside. He is his daddy’s son, would way rather be outdoors than inside.

I love how much he loves water. If he could, he would be swimming/splashing in the tub/cup/bucket/pool/splashpark all day, every day.

I love how he tries to dress himself. Pants usually end up on his head. Cutest.thing.ever.

I love how cuddly he is. I think it is due to teething, but I’m not complaining.

I love how he is not a morning person. Just like his mama. In the morning (usually around 5) he gets a bottle and then comes back to bed with us and we all sleep in till 9. It is glorious.

I love how he is still taking two naps a day.

I love how he is starting to feed himself. The mess is totally worth it to see how happy and proud of himself he is.

I love how much he loves music. He loves to sing and dance to any form of music. Our favourite right now is Adele

I hate how upset he can get at nighttime. His cries break my heart. Sleep training sucks.

I hate how he isn’t sleeping through the night.

I hate how sensitive to dairy he is. 

I hate telling him no.

I hate seeing him cry when daddy leaves.

I hate that he won’t eat fruit (he will eat apple sauce, but not fresh fruit)

I hate that he is becoming a little man everyday (wait, I love that he is growing up, I hate realizing that he isn’t a baby anymore)

Mama loves you, my sweet baby boy 

(picture is from last month, before we dyed my hair red)

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  1. ahhh thanks for putting me in your blog love sidebar!!
    our little men are pretty close in age, yeah? parker will be 14 months on the 26th. it really is a stage i love & hate. so many fun things & so many challenging things.

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