Growing the bump.

Pregnancy Stats:
How Far Along: 24 weeks.
Size of baby: 9 inches, and 1.7lbs
Total Weight Gain: 13lbs total. So I lost 12lbs in the first trimester and have gained it back plus one pound. Which would make me only at +1lb right? Right?!!!
Gender: Secret.
Movement: all the time. Especially when Bubsie hears HBD OR Little T’s voice. Then it is chaos in my womb.
Sleep: Once I get to sleep, I’m golden…until Little T wakes up.
What I miss:  my back not hurting and clothing fitting.
Cravings: sweets. This week I have made cheesecake AND brownies.
Symptoms: mood swings, tired, heartburn, and sore joints (hips, knees, shoulders, everything)
Maternity Clothes: so far just wearing maternity pants/shorts/skirts.
Best Moment this week: Little T rubbing and kissing my belly.
Completely off-topic, but I won a contest!!! Over at Pup and Tot I won a Leatherman!! I’m so stoked for it…now if only Canada post wasn’t on strike, then maybe I could have it before christmas!!
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