They did what?!

  1. So first off, Top Baby Blogs reset their voting system (they do it every few months, even out the playing field). Which is awesome, why? Because we went from being #183 to being #76 (we we’re in the 50’s for a while, but other bloggers had their readers vote.)

How does it work? You, my darling reader (and friend and family) get to vote once every 24 hours. They then count the votes and blogs get bumped around all day.

How do you vote?  Click twice on the link/picture thing at the bottom of my posts. Then click on the owl on the left because you think our blog is fantastic (and you want to show us some lovin’)

This is what the picture/link thing looks like. You can click it now, or at the end of this post.
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So there have been some exciting things happening in our household.

  • Little T slept in his toddler bed, all night long. And by all night I mean till 7am. (Usually he is up at 5…this will now be marked in the success category)
  • I can see Bubsie move.  So far things that make Bubsie move are: Daddies voice, Little T blowing raspberries on my tummy, the Aaron Lines song “I haven’t even heard you cry”, cheesecake, coffee and various other food items.
  • The nursery is all set up, except for clothing being put in drawers…but that rarely happens for any of us.
  • I made a delicious cheesecake and managed to share it with HBD (Recipe here, I substituted oreo crumbs for graham cracker crumbs. do it.)
  • I went to a tupperware party, and managed to not spend all of our money! They were having a really good sale, and I can’t wait to get my toys and show them to you all!
  • My wedding ring doesn’t fit. I’m not swollen yet, so I’m not sure why it doesn’t fit.
  • I am officially only wearing maternity pants, I have yet to need to wear maternity tees. Thank you garage for making stretchy tees!!
  • We will be 24 weeks tomorrow!!! So far this has been an easy pregnancy (aside from puking my brains out..) compared to Little T’s. With him I was on partial bed rest at 22 weeks. Not fun!

This is the song that gets Bubsie moving. It’s a tear jerker.

Anyway, hope you all are having a fantastic lazy Saturday and remember to vote for us!

Vote For Us @!


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