My obsession.


I am obsessed with cloth diapers.


1. Large and extra large covers 

2. 36 flat prefolds

3. 2 regular prefolds

4. fleece lined prefolds

5. 13 large diapers

6. 14 bumgenius 3.0’s

7. 1 happy heiny 

8. 1 amp, 1 homemade, 2 baby kangas

9. 36 medium diapers

10. extra inserts

11. 8 medium covers

12. knitted wool cover

13. 3 wool covers

14. 2 medium fleece covers

15. 4 bio soft/kooshies disposable liners

16. 2 wool newborn pants

17. 10 newborn diapers

18. 2 newborn fleece diapers

19. 2 newborn wool covers

20. 6 small covers. 

21. 1 wetbag (I have 3, two are in the wash)

22. 2 swim diapers (I have 3, 1 is in the wash)

plus about a dozen or so that are waiting to be washed.

I officially think my diaper “stash” should now be considered a “hoard”, good news is, I won’t have to buy diapers ever again! Until I see some that are super cute...WOOT WOOT!

We’re at 223!! Keep those votes coming!
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  1. Do cloth swim diaprs work…and what are your favorite brand of cloth diaper…and do you have a good pattern for cloth diapers?…and WOW

    • Technically disposable swim diapers only catch poop, they don’t catch the pee. Cloth swim diapers act the same way. I like using them. Mine are from the “Bummis” brand.

      Right now my favourite brand is “crystals cloth”. You have to use a cover on it still but so far it has been the least bulkiest. I’m not sure if crystals cloth is still making diapers (I got all of mine 2nd hand) if they I are recommend them. I use a variety of covers but my favourite is by “Bummis” they have yet to leak.

      I do have a pattern to make them, but I have yet to. Maybe that will be my project after I’m done my knitting projects are done.

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