I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s being pregnant with our second child or the fact that life really isn’t slowing down right now (does it ever really slow down?)

I’ve been compiling a list of things that I think I’ve taken for granted in the past  2 years and 10 months of marriage and motherhood.

  • showering by myself.

Silly, yes. Do you know how hard it is to rinse out conditioner while your one year old eats the toilet paper/destroys the bathroom…Yes, I could shower after he goes to bed, but by then I am far too tired/lazy. My.own.fault.

  • eating food while it’s still warm/hot

Cold pasta is nasty.

  • staying up past 10:30

It might be because I am growing another life, but lately I am fighting to stay awake past 10:30. But then as soon as I do get to bed, my mind won’t shut off…It’s a cruel life.

  • not having heartburn

Before I was pregnant with Little T, I never had heartburn. Now, I have it all the time. One of the “perks” of pregnancy.

  • packing “light”

I am not a light packer. I need an outfit for EVERY situation possible. Now it is just ridiculous. I swear I pack more for Little T than I do for HBD and I combined. I can’t imagine what it is going to be like when Bubsie gets here.

  • sleeping in past 8.

Oh the days of sleeping in till noon. I don’t miss the era that came with it, but I wouldn’t mind being able to sleep in without having to get up 2423423423435436456 times.

  • Eating what I wanted, when I wanted

I miss my high metabolism.

  • wearing something that isn’t covered in spit-up/cookies/baby food/ pee or poop (oh don’t act like it doesn’t happen).

Slowly I am starting to buy new “essentials”, tees and tanks that aren’t stained. Who knew they existed. Not sure why I am buying them, when in a few months Bubsie will be here and I’ll be at square 1 again.

  • Getting my hair done. cut/dyed/styled

The looks people give me while I get my hair done. If you’re really concerned come talk to me instead of stare at me. I’ve done my research, talked to my hairdresser (Hi Seester!!) and made my decision based on that. thankyouverymuch.

  • drink coffee without being considered a bad mom.

I have one cup of coffee a week. Everything I have read in my pregnancy books say I can have one A DAY.

What are things that you miss/wish you would have taken advantage of pre-pregnancy or pre-marriage? 

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  1. haha SO TRUE! I miss time to go pee ON MY OWN; being able to just “run out” and back in less than 50min.. I miss reading and being on the computer (I have a toddler now!) I miss baking without making a HUGE mess with the help of a certain little one. I REALLY MISS sleeping until 8am. Even now she’s poking at me, the computer and saying “momma, momma” 😉

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