Happiness is abundant here.


We have been busy this week. 

We went away for the night for HBD’s birthday! It was amazing. It was everything that I we needed.

Little T’s new favourite things include:

  • riding in the stroller, taking his arms out of his shoulder straps
  • riding on Daddy’s shoulder
  • making the “oooo” noise
  • sitting on the luggage wrack ay the hotel.
  • playing with my wallet
  • sniffing the flowers when we go on walks.

We are 22 weeks! I feel Bubsie move all.the.time. I love it. Little T loves to rub my tummy, which makes Bubsie go CRAZY!

We have our appointments all set up to meet the “cleft lip and palate team” next week, and we have our geneticist and ultrasound appointments set up for August!

Completely unrelated to this. We are #268 on Top Baby Blogs. You can vote for us here! 
Vote For Us @ topbabyblogs.com!

Thanks for all the votes! 




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