Busy like a bee.


Well. Maybe just busy.

Picture heavy.

This weekend has been amazing.

We spent Friday afternoon at our local zoo, Little T and his buddy loved every minute of it!

Daddy and Little T in the “most dangerous” cage.

Saturday HBD helped his Dad fencing a pasture, Little T and I stayed in our jammies till it was time to go for supper at Grandmas house.

We napped and snuggled and played with our puppy.

Sunday was a fabulous day! We went to Heritage Park with HBD’s family, it was so cool. Little T’s favourite thing was the train. Everytime he hears a train he says “choo choo”. Cutest thing ever.

Little T “driving” the drive-in movie style car. thing.

Little T shared with Daddy. Not something he did willingly.

Playing with the “Thomas” trains. He loved it.

I snapped this picture quickly, you can tell by HBD’s laugh he thought it was amusing.

Little T and I. He did not want his picture taken. At all.

Do you know how hard it is to take a decent picture of the two of us?

Riding the train. He LOVED it.

And lastly, our 21 week pregnancy picture.

How was everyone else’s weekend?

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