Kait’s favourites 29 & 30.


Holy batman, I can’t believe I am down to the last two favourites.

No 29

One of my all time “pick me ups” is getting my hair done.

It can be trimmed, cut, coloured, styled, or just being  played with (even by a non-professional)

Yesterday I got my hair done, we bleached it and highlighted it (or would it be called low-lighting) and trimmed it.

I am still adjusting to it, that comes with any big change.

Here are some hairstyles I’ve had in the last year.

(#1 dark brown with highlights)

(#2 natural hair colour)

(#3 light brown with blonde highlights)

New hair! Pretty pretty blonde.

No. 30

Rich has decided that I am his favourite, therefore he should be my favourite.

And it’s true. He is my favourite. 

AND since he is online, I though I would share him with you too.

You can find him here 

Not only is he an amazing husband and father, but he is also an amazing web designer.

Thanks for joining me in my favourite things!!

Tomorrow will be our recap!

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