Kait’s favourites no. 28


This is by far, my favourite commercial ever. I love it. I sing it, I dance to it, I can even do some of their swagger dance moves. Because I am that cool.

Yesterday we bought our own swagger wagon. But it isn’t a Toyota Sienna. We bought a 2010 Chrysler Town and Country, touring. I linked to their 2011 van, which is pretty much the same.

Anyway, I love it. It drives like a dream.

Things I looooooooooooooove about it.

  • Stow n go seating
  • not one, but TWO dvd players
  • huge windows.
  • comfy seats.
  • it has a hard drive that saves all of your music! No more changing cd’s out!
  • power pedals.
  • powers seats.
  • A big motor but still good on gas (that was HBD’s)
  • power doors and trunk.
  • remote start

Things I don’t loooooooooove about it.

  • It’s a van.
  • I’m 22 and own a van.
  • Yikes.

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