Kait’s favourite no. 19.


this week has been nuts! It went from having one of my Grandmas here (which was AWESOME!!) to dropping her off at the airport Thursday evening to getting a call Friday morning that my Grandpa (on the other side) died that morning. So pardon with me as I try and catch up with what I have missed!

Here is the post that I started to write last week.

No. 19

I love to knit. I am reaaaallly good at doing squares. rectangles. fair isle. scarves. baby mittens with no thumbs. What I haven’t mastered is the rest of it.

With the new baby coming (no we aren’t finding out what the sex is, we will love it regardless if it can pee standing up or not) I have decided that I need to finish the blankey for Little T. And make some adorable baby clothes.

I want to knit these, Chaussons mignons by Pruline

Maybe in like a light blue or a soft green. I think they would make the perfect little “coming home” booties.

Pebble (Henry’s Manly Cobblestone-Inspired Baby Vest)

I love this little vest. I would do it in pale pink, and pair it with a pink tutu. So cute right?

What are some projects that you are working on right now? Or were frantic about finishing before your new babe came?


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