Kait’s favourites no.7 & no. 8


No. 7

I love love love a good food blog. One that has decent amount of pictures and awesome instructions for the not-so-incredible baker like me!

It is an every changing list of blogs that I drool over.

My all time favourite has to be The Pioneer Woman.

She does so much more than cooking, like homeschooling their kids, photography and she has two books published!!

A something that I want to try (and that looks as easy as pie, haha I rhymed (I.have.got.to.get.out.more)) this summer is make her frozen cappuccino cups

They make me want summer-time complete with green grass, a lawn chair and a big ol’ glass of lemonaide.

She has a million recipes on her site AND she has “Tasty Kitchen” where you can add recipes and find other amazing recipes that other fabulous cooks have added.


Another fantastic one (that I just found, where have you been all my life?!) is i am baker

I found this one while looking for inspiration for Little T’s birthday (my baby will be one! insert sobbing here)

I know it isn’t a birthday cake suited for a little boy, but it is for my mother-in-law (her b-day is next month)

Not only does she provide AMAZING  pictures, but she also provides a link to the recipe she used!

Run. Don’t walk, to her blog.

Then there is Bake at 350

The first picture I saw were the CUTEST cookies for her nephew, and I was immediately hooked.


Those are my top food blogs right now! Enjoy!

No. 8

Now this is something that I don’t have. And it makes me cry like a little baby.

I want it. I need it. oh baby oh baby.

I saw this diaper bag when I came across this blog, and I was instantly jealous.

How could you NOT love it?

I also love this one and this one and this one

I keep *hinting at HBD that I need one. He has yet to be convinced.

I told him it was either this or a Mac.

He laughed at me and said “We’ll see Kait”.

Which 99% of the time means “No”


*by hinting, I mean begging.



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