Kait’s favourites no. 4


I love watching sweet baby T (I know, he isn’t really a baby anymore. *sob*) play. The way he discovers something new everyday, and how he wants to be into whatever Daddy is into. His favourite thing right now is climbing in and out of the “Poäng“chair that we have. It is one of the few chairs that he will actually sit in and take a bottle. By. Him.Self. (insert extra sob here)

So today we had to make a run to Ikea (which will now be referred to as hell. Customer service is NOT their strong point) to grab some last minute items for the kitchen.

Which of course means that we had to stop in the children’s section of Ikea. I love that place. Can I just say out of their whole stinkin store, the children’s area makes me the happiest.

While there we saw the perfect chair for Little T, his very own mini poäng chair! Since we got a whack load of moolah from buying our kitchen there (15% in gift cards!!) we decided to buy him the chair.

And a dresser, and a toy/blankey trunk, and a car toy mat thing. We’re putting his room all together tomorrow, so I will for sure put pictures of it up!

So my favourite thing for today is our chair. I love cuddling and nursing in it, and now love watching him play in it.


(edited to add 3 new pictures)

(Little T helping Daddy put together his Poäng chair) (Little T bouncing on his new chair) (14 weeks baby!)


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