Kait’s favourites no 3


Numba 3

In our house we have a beautiful antique piano. It has been my husbands piano since he was 9. Now our 11 month old plays it. Obvs he is no Mozart (Little T, HBD is an amazing pianist) but the look of love that is in his eyes and the excitement he gets when he touches those ivory keys makes any mama think he is.

Little T, when he was 4 days old, and Daddys’ beloved piano.

We did some digging around on the internet and found out that our piano is from 1898. Which is a lot different that what the piano tuner guy told me, he told me it was from 1970. He was kind of odd, so I think I will take the internets word on it…

Here is where we found our piano online. It really is a beautiful piano.



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  1. Beautiful piano and beautiful baby! We have an old piano that I was just thinking last night that I want to get rid of (it takes up room in the playroom/sewing room), but this post is making me reconsider. My son’s piano class uses keyboards, so it’s not used by anyone. Hmm…. So neat that your piano is beautiful and so special!

    • Thanks! I would say, totally keep your piano! It sounds and feels so different than a keyboard. I totally agree that it takes up tons of space, so I use mine as a junk holder (mail, keys, pictures, random crap that has no home). Haha!

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