Kaits favourites no.1 & 2


As many of you know, I love reading blogs. I read them while I’m nursing Little T, I read them while I’m making supper, while I’m suppose to be sleeping. I found this blog and imeediately fell in love. Head over heels. You must read their love story.

Anyway, I was reading her blog, and for a while she was doing a favourite things post. And I was like “dude, you could totally do this”. So for now till May I am going to be posting my favourite things, and where you can get them.

Numba one.

Our chariot carrier.

We have the Cougar 2, we have the strolling wheels, the bike attachment and the newborn sling. Love them all.

The place that we bought it from Cal’s Cycle and since it was their 25th anniversary we go it for 25% OFF!! Best purchase ever.

We have used it at least once a week since we bought it. And no, Gus (the pup) does not often ride in it.

If you are even considering buying one, I say do it. It is a lot of money, but out of every baby item that we have bought, it is our favourite.

Numero 2.

Bun in the oven. (13 weeks)

I thought it was only fitting that for #2 favourite thing, I announce to the world that we are indeed pregnant with number 2.

So far this pregnancy has been completely different from being pregnant with Little T. With T, I was only ever tired and occasionally queasy. This one made me puke, a lot.

Which resulted in a 12 lb weight loss! Which means I am down to 136! WOOT WOOT. Kind of weird that I am so excited about losing weight, knowing that I am just going to gain it all back…

Side note. My goal for this pregnancy is to NOT gain 50+lbs. I would be perfectly happy with only gaining the recommened 25.

Side side note. When I was this far along with T, I had already gained 10lbs…maybe there is hope for me yet! haha


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  1. You are so cute! Congratulations on number 2! I think the biggest difference with the second is you have to chase after another little. You can’t just rest whenever you want or do whatever you want. It was definitely a big difference for me. : )

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