It has been so long since I posted last! For that I am sorry! Life got crazy, things happened (all good) and I neglected this fabulous blog.

New things. (point form)

  • Kitchen!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally have a dishwasher!!! We bought our kitchen from Ikea, and love it with our whole heart! I have pictures, I promise!
  • Walk in pantry! Hubs decided that I needed a walk in pantry!
  • Baby T is 11 (read that world, ELEVEN!!) months old
  • Baby T has been teething for the past few months and now has 7 teeth, it was a crazy ride but he is finally returning back to his normal self!
  • I’m learning how to cook healthier! A friend of mine is sugar and flour free and is going to teach me how to cook healthier for my family! So very excited!

Old things.

  • Winter is still here. Spring is taunting me with warm days and then it snows and I cry

Things to wait for.

  • Pictures! Every time I go to upload pictures, HotBabyDaddy has the computer!
  • Exciting new changes
  • A very special birthday party for a very special baby boy!


I can`t wait to share the new updates with everyone!


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