Party with my pants.


I had a dream.

Not a huge dream.

My dream was to fit in a pair of pants. My brand new pre baby T pants. My size 27 pants.

Today, on a whim, I tried them on. I thought I would need to tug and pull, shed some tears and curse till I could pull them up.

I was wrong. As I pulled them out all nicely folded from my drawer, I stared at them for a moment. Trying to think of the last time I wore these pants.

I was pregnant, and the pants were tight.

This time I slowly put my feet into the soft denim legs, and slowly pulled them over my thighs. Silently praying that they wouldn’t get stuck, again.

But they didn’t get stuck, they glided up and I buttoned the button with ease.

Now don’t get me wrong, I still have muffin tops. But I am one step closer to being the weight and shape I was before I had Baby T.

Current weight: 138lbs!!!

Prebaby weight: 134lbs.

I am so close I can smell it!


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