The breaking point.


I have a breaking point, many actually. (The “you” is a reference to HotBabyDaddy)

The point where if, the sippy cup gets thrown one more time——————–I’m going to throw my cup on the floor, repeatedly. Maybe even with water in it.

The point where if, one more reno starts BEFORE you finish another one——————–I’m going to start tearing down walls. See how you like peeing with the walls gone.

The point where if, some doesn’t help clean the kitchen——————–I’m going to hire a maid. Named your Mother. She would, and you know it.

The point where if, the laundry mountain doesn’t get a lending helping hand——————–Simply enough, your boxers won’t get folded.

The point where if, we don’t figure out why Little T’s room is so freaking cold——————–You will be sleeping in there, and he’ll be in our room (for longer)

The point where if, Little T doesn’t start sleeping through the night——————–If he’s not sleeping, you’re not getting lucky.

The point where if, I don’t get to pee BY.MY.SELF——————–I’m going to send him in with you, and you can see how hard it is to pee and watch as he DESTROYS everything.




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