what a week.


I feel like this week has been insane.

Little T’s 4th tooth has finally come in! Its been weeks in the making!

Home renos have begun. Not sure why HotBabyDaddy has decided to start now, but he has.

The upstairs rooms all have new doors and baseboards, its beautiful.

HotBabyDaddy and friend are making me a pantry, which I should be excited about but am currently only seeing a mess in my kitchen.

I had a Pampered Chef party. The original owner of the house came with her Granddaughter. (the house as built in 1965, she is well into her 70’s)

Little T is trying to walk, he’s only 9 months.

We aren’t sleeping through the night, haven’t in a while. Little T is up at midnight, 3am and 5am. Needless to say, I’m a tired mama.

A bunch of “friends” have started blogging, people I know IRL, and it is interesting to me to see their take on their life compared to the way I see it when I am with them.

HotBabyDaddy thinks I’m pregnant, I think he’s nuts.

I have made dinner every night for the past week, including homemade noodles, pasta sauce and meatballs. It was delish.

Little T peed in the potty! I was so excited, I almost peed my pants!

Whats your week been like?


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