A new year.


2010 went a little like this.
Pregnant. Labour. New life. Surviving life. A
hot summer with unreal events .
bikini photo I wish would lie.
An Etsy
2011. Is going to be a
whole new set of adventures. Some adventures that I want to
complete? – Blogging everyday. It use to be easy, now I feel like I
struggle for material to write about. – Losing weight and then
gaining it back. – Having another baby. No I am not pregnant. No we
aren’t trying. But eventually we will be. – reading my bible every
day – commenting on blogs that I read. I’m sorry if I don’t
comment, I’m not trying be rude, it’s just a gong show over here – cooking/meal planning/not starving to death because of laziness. I somewhat enjoy cooking, actually no, I enjoy eating. Which explains why I gained 60+lbs while pregnant. -keeping this house clean, might not seem like an adventure to you, but tackling mount saint clean laundry would make me feel better.

This list could go on for a life time, but instead I think I will leave it for now.

What are adventures that you want to try this year?


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