He broke our bed.


No joke. HotBabyDaddy broke our bed.

He sat on the edge, probably plugging in his beloved iPhone (he’s weird, he wants his blackberry back.) and the wooden side (you know the piece holding the bed together) snapped.

I laughed. Hard. I mean who actually breaks their bed, by sitting on it?

With him breaking our bed, meant that I actually had to clean our room.  Like actually sweep, or vacuum or something.

Seriously, dust bunnies the size of babies. Or Gus.

Anyway we slept with the mattress on the floor for exactly two nights.

I then threw a huge fit decided that I was not going to be sleeping on the floor for another night and we took my our cranky sleep deprived butts to Ikea.

I love Ikea; I love the hustle and bustle, the sounds, the smell of cardboard boxes, the light section (I’m like a fly to a bug zapper). It is my place of happiness.

[side note, we are house training the puppy right now, and I just put tabasco sauce on my shoes, so that he would stop eating them. So far, its working. Now if only I could put it on my toes, so that he would stop eating those]

We found our bed and the nightstand I wanted. We even got the nightstand on sale! I love the “as-is” section almost as much as I love the light section.

Our room, has never been the “haven” that it should be.

Seriously. The room was purple when we moved in.


Yep thats our room. Like in the first 24 hours that we lived here. We painted as soon as we could.

And that is the bed that HotBabyDaddy broke. Beautiful, I agree. It was my parents bed before it was ours. But they moved a million miles away so we took it off of their hands.

We ended up painting our room a beautiful dark blue colour and put up white trim around the windows and for baseboards. I love it.

Beautiful blue. We have white curtains, the kind that are awesome at helping hide dust bunnies, on the windows. The kind that let the light in at 5am on a summer day. Yep, they’re awesome like that.

With our new bed and dresser our room is 90% complete.  The last 10 percent are HotBabyDaddy’s christmas present. (Honey, if you’re reading this, ignore it…it’s lies, all lies….(no it’s not))

I’m getting him a HUGE tv and satellite for Christmas. I say it’s for him, but we all know that I am going to be the one controlling the remote. Haha!

So with that being said, any recommendations for tv’s?




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  1. My bed has been broken…well not dysfunctionally so but it makes weird noises when there is too much…errr…movement in it!! You know like when the kids are jumping on it…yeah right 😉 You have just inspired me…maybe it is time for a trip to IKEA!! And oooh the smell of the cinnamon buns is always a perk!

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