The busiest week. ever.


Last week was a gong show. Seriously nuts.

10 “high” lights

  1. Little T got his second tooth, which wasn’t nearly as bad as the first tooth.
  2. We got a puppy.
  3. An honest to funk puppy. The kind you have to house train.
  4. My camera died. It was tragic.
  5. My friend introduced me to “the mentalist” and now I’m hooked.
  6. I’m trying to cut back on my f-bombing.
  7. I deleted facebook off of my iphone
  8. I took “Friday Fashion” pictures (review #4)
  9. I created new products for my etsy store, but said projects are trapped (See #4 and #8)
  10. I made my first sale! (Granted, it was from my Grandma but who cares right? A sale is a sale!)

What were your highlights of the week or month?


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